5 Surprising Ways your Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health

Choosing a new mattress is one of the most important health decisions you will ever make. Also, getting a good night’s sleep is very important if you want to live a healthy and long life. The right mattress can provide provides comfort, support, better sleep, and an increase in overall health. While good sleep improves your focus and thinking ability and also repairs the damages caused by stress, and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Lack of sleep is associated with cholesterol and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to stroke and heart disease. In addition, many people with muscle pain, sleep conditions, and back problem find that their beds can help to provide comfort and alleviate their pain. In order to maintain your overall health, getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night is essential.

A good mattress provides many benefits to both your sleep and your health. A quality mattress is something worth taking the time and investing in. Every individual has their very own personal preference with regards to the right mattress and as always, comfort is king. You have to try out a few to make sure the mattress will not only fit you perfectly but will also improve your sleeping habit and health.

Consider these five surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health:

  1.      Alleviate Pain

People who suffer from different painful conditions may possibly benefit from sleeping in beds. For instance, an adjustable bed is helpful for people with osteoarthritis; it will relieve pressure on their joints by elevating their head and knees. More so, people with spinal stenosis may assuage pressure on their nerve root by sleeping in beds. The human spine is curved so that mattress will conform to the shape of the spine and thus can really help alleviate any pains you are experiencing. It will also help you to become more relaxed and improve your sleeping position throughout the night.

By and large, those suffering from lower back pain and other back conditions that cause pain when you are standing up or trying to bend forward can choose a supportive mattress to cure such pain. This mattress will allow providing a painless sleep that will make you feel comfortable all throughout the night. The foam will help your body to remain in its most relaxed position all through and will also stop you from turning and tossing.

  1.      Offers Comfort and Support

To get your body relaxed, you need to have the correct support. This will also put your mind to rest while asleep. If your bed does not provide the right support for your bed, your body will not receive the proper amount of sleep needed to fill refreshed the next day. Organic mattresses conform to the body’s movement to provide better postural support while sleeping at night. This will prevent aches and tiredness when you wake.

A “too hard” mattress lacks the flexibility to take shape and support your whole body – it can only support the heavier parts of your body. Also, a “too soft” mattress will lead to sagging, restricting posture-making and free movement. This will give you a restless sleep, which may lead to a bad day at work the next morning.

Regardless of whatever mattress you choose and depending on your personal decision, in as much as you got a mattress that provides proper support and comfort, you have made the right choice. The foam of the mattress molds around your body while you sleep providing support on every joint and part of the body all through the night. Clinical data recommends that a “medium-firm” mattress is the best kind of mattress for a good night sleep as it offers the correct balance of comfort and support.

  1.      Prevents Inflammation

Adequate sleep also helps to prevent inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the main causes of main sources of the crumbling that is associated with aging. It is impossible to get sufficient sleep without the right mattress. Your mattress will provide the comfort needed for your body to get enough sleep that will eventually prevent inflammation.

  1.      Mattress As The Fourth Factor

There are four basic factors that affect your sleep environment and they are light, temperature, noise, and your mattress. Light stimulates the brain and keeps you awake, this is why it is most conducive to sleep in a dark room whether during the day or at night. Loud noises like those of a fan or air conditioner can disturb your sleep. A room that is extremely hot or extremely cold can also affect your ability to sleep. 16-18 degrees Celsius or 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal bedroom temperature. Your mattress must be comfortable, spacious, and supportive if you want to get a sound and relaxing sleep each night.

  1.      Improve Sleeping Habit

Researchers have shown that a person needs about 6-8 hours of quality sleep in the night to perform better in the daytime. Having a good mattress can help relieve any sleep disorders and also change your sleeping habits. Your choice and the size of the mattress can affect your health by restoring your body each morning.

In order to support your mattress, try to schedule a time for sleeping and waking up daily. This routine will help make your body automatically know when it is time to sleep and when not to sleep. Those who have unpredictable sleep times generally don't get sufficient sleep.

Since you spend about one-third of your life on your mattress, it makes perfect sense to choose one that is supportive and comfortable, especially if you suffer from back/muscle pain or sleep conditions. A disturbed sleep can easily you’re your next day at work. This is one thing we ignore or fail to put into consideration when thinking or a bad day. Investing in a good bed will make your nights truly restful. You probably need one night to realize how much relaxing and comfortable a good mattress is.