Best Mattresses For Couples

Choosing the best mattress for couples seems somewhat difficult for many people. They fail to understand that the best mattress for couples is one that will provide sufficient support to various parts of their body, especially the lower back. Since sleep is essential to a healthy living, it is important to buy the best mattress to provide comfort and support for you and your spouse.

Selecting the perfect mattress is one of the most important decisions a couple can make. From soft to firm, regular or therapeutic style, your choice mattress must be something that takes into account each individual need, comfort, and support.

This article highlights some tips to ponder on when you are buying the right mattress for couples:

  1.      Reduce Back Aches

The best mattress for couples is one that can eliminate or at least reduce back aches and pains. A memory foam mattress is a good choice for couples. It is firmer, more resilient, and does not sag. It fits in perfectly with your body contours. It is modified to accommodate both your weight effectively.

  1.      Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is one of the most common problems of mattresses. When a body moves, the mattress follow and this can be exasperating to your bed partner. Pillow tops have similar problems. The best mattress for couples has zero motion transfer so you and your bed partner can be comfortable.

  1.      Firmness

When you pick a mattress with an extra thickness, you elevate your comfort while sleeping or sitting. It will also make it very easy to get in and out of bed i.e. if it has a good height.

  1.      Breathable

Sharing your bed with a partner may slightly constrict the air flow. During summer, the mattress may get too hot in the room. Therefore, choosing breathable foam may be ideal for you.

A latex topper is has open cell structure allowing air to dissipate inside efficiently, making it more durable. It can withstand sags, wears and tears for up to decades which can also serve as a protective gear for your mattress.

  1.      Size

The right sized mattress provides more space to groove. Choosing a mattress with the right size will fit your room perfectly. You wouldn’t want your spouse’s side of the bed to be somewhat lumpy due to pillow top falls. King size mattress is more sufficient for couples. A little disadvantage, however, is that the size makes it a lot more prone to depression.


  1.      Memory Foam Mattress

For couples, high density level mattresses last more and memory foams are denser and more resilient than spring beds. Yet, it is important for both you and your partner to be present to choose when you are buying one. Just pick a mattress with high-density.

Even if this mattress is semi-soft, it still has good support characteristics. Make sure you shop for quality – high-density mattresses provide such.

Note: Not everybody can sleep comfortably on a memory foam bed; in this case, find out the appropriate density level that suits you and your spouse’s needs.

  1.      Omalon Foam Mattress

Mattresses with an Omalon foam structure are also a good choice, the isotonic foam mattress in particular. It is quite similar to the open-celled structure of Latex mattresses with the length being the difference. This gives the mattress a reactive property that allows it to immediately conform to the shape of the user and can immediately return to its original stat once the user get out of the bed.

The most remarkable thing about Omalon technology is the resilient. It is designed to hold heavier weight much more competently than other foam mattresses in the market. This is why the Omalon technology is ideal for heavier couples.

  1.      Innerspring Mattress

Since memory foam beds are pricey, choosing a mattress with fewer coils can not only be affordable but also comfortable for couples. The number of coils determines the coil structure; higher coils imply thinner coil structure and thinner coil structured beds are most likely to wear out after a few years. When deciding on innerspring mattresses, it is helpful to know more about the gauge measure of the coils. Experts verify that “14” is the standard coil gauge measure which is ideal for couples looking for a comfortable and sturdy spring mattress.

  1.      Sleep Number Beds

They are by far more expensive than foam mattresses. However, their ability to support heavy weight individuals makes them worth the price. Air technology is used in sleep number beds and even though air technology isn’t the most durable technology in the mattress industry, it is a safer and convenient to sleep in the Sleep Number bed.

The sleep number bed is designed with two air chambers that wouldn’t be compromised with your spouse in terms of the right sleep number to use. This number is processed in light of your age, height, and weight. The mattress can be expanded to follow the Sleep Number of your body.

After you and your bed partner have finally settled on the perfect mattress, you should visit a local mattress store together and try out each mattress by laying down together for a few minutes before buying.

You should ask yourself about the firmness, size, comfort, and how durable the mattress is. You should make the purchase only if you and your partner are comfortable with the decision. However, if there is any small amount of uncertainty/doubt, the couple should further examine other available options before making the purchase.