Do's And Don'ts In Mattress Care

The life of a mattress is dependent on its quality, how often it is used, and the number of people using it. A well-managed mattress can last a decade, however, mattresses in hotels or college dormitory may need to be replaced like clockwork.

Albeit no mattress will last forever, hence proper maintenance is vital in ensuring its durability and longevity. Even though people use the most out of their mattress, most people don't consider proper maintenance a necessity.

This article highlights some do’s and don’ts in mattress care.


  1.      Do Flip or Rotate Your Mattress Quarterly

Rotating and flipping the mattress increases its comfort and durability. Doing this regularly will ensure convenience. A mattress will take the shape of anyone who sits or lies on it. More so, it is possible for your mattress to sag slightly if you regularly sleep or sit on one side.

To prevent this, flip/rotate your mattress quarterly. It is better and more convenient if yours is reversible. In this manner, no side will sag more than the other, there will be no accumulation of dust and sweat on one area, and all the usable sides of the mattress will be used. Rotating/flipping gives your mattress a completely new feel. But you must ensure you don’t overdo this. This ought to be done once in every 5 months.

  1.      Do Proper transport

This involves moving your mattress on its side to ensure you don't disrupt the spring tension balance. It is recommended by mattress manufacturers to flip your innerspring mattress at most once each month for the first three months of purchase. However foam and latex mattress should be flipped regularly. More so, keep in mind the durability of different foam is dependent on its design. For instance, under standard conditions, a continuous coil mattress is more durable than a pocket coil mattress.

  1.      Do Proper Cleaning

Hotels change their bed sheets daily in order to keep them clean and free from dirt. This article is not suggesting you do the same but doing this once in a while is really hygienic. If you don’t find a stain then don’t be in a hurry to utilize your cleaning products and chemicals else, you’ll end up sleeping in a toxic dump. Instead, try using citrus/vinegar cleaners and baking soda. These cleansers will allow the solution to settle for a few minutes before blotting the stain out.

  1.      Do Buy A Mattress Cover (Topper) To Protect Your Mattress From Dust

Though there is no problem in using a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster to dust the top of your mattress regularly, however, you could choose to buy a mattress cover and save more time and energy. Topper will not only cover your mattress, it will provide additional warmth and comfort, and also prevent wear and tear on your mattress. A mattress cover can also protect you from dirt, allergens, and dust.

You should consider a mattress cover or topper that would be easily removable and washable. A good mattress cover or topper should be something that is waterproof. It also works best with stains on the grounds that once something is spilled on the mattress; you will only require a damp cloth to wipe it.

You may have it regularly in the laundry basket but make sure it is comfortable, durable, and can endure pressure. Along these lines, you can be assured of the safety and neatness of the mattress you are sleeping on. Also, make sure to dry it thoroughly before replacing it.


  1.      Don’t Smoke, Eat, and Drink On The Mattresses

No matter how comfortable and convenient this may sound, always try to avoid eating, smoking, and drinking on the mattress. If it eventually gets wet, make sure to quickly dry it using an air blower or hair dryer. The life of the mattress can also be prolonged by keeping it away from smoke.

  1.      Don’t Jump All Over Your Mattress

It is called a “mattress”, not a “trampoline”. Sometimes, the bounce and softness of a mattress tempts us (especially true for children) to jump and bounce all over it, but while doing this you reduce the durability of the mattress Anyway, a no matter how durable a mattress is advertised to be, it can’t last long in a house full of mattress-bouncers. This is simply because it is only a mattress; it is meant for sleeping not for bouncing upon!

More so, mattresses aren’t designed to withstand the weight of any individual jumping on it. Avoid your kids, avoid letting other people jump on the bed regardless of how enticing this may be.

This is the why most mattresses sag after a few months of being used. You don’t expect a mattress to last longer if it is constantly misused or abused. Keep in mind, for you to receive a good service on any product you buy, you must make proper use and maintenance of it. Else, you may end up with a broken frame and a sagging mattress.

  1.      Don’t Bend It

If your mattress is not completely designed with soft material, then you shouldn’t bend it at all. Typically, the wires that border a mattress are meant to keep it sturdy, hence needs to remain straight. Therefore, be smart about it when covering it up with sheets. Avoid folding and bending the mattress at all times. If you need to learn how to bend your mattress (especially for a king size mattress), contact your manufacturer for instructions on how it should be bent properly. Not doing this right will damage the mattress and also voids the warranty, and that is definitely not what you’d look forward to.

Adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can be sure of the longevity and durability of your mattress.

In summary, providing a mattress cover, keeping the mattress clean, and rotating/flipping a mattress are summarized ways to get more out of a mattress.