History Of A Mattress

Mattresses have enjoyed many innovations over the years, including the advent of foam mattresses, memory foam mattress, and air mattress. Back then, straws, bags, leaves, and many other materials were used in constructing mattresses. Nowadays, mattresses are manufactured from modern materials such as polyurethane foam and latex foam.

Let us take a brief history of mattresses.

During the Neolithic era, mattresses were constructed from leave with skins bounded on top or a pile of straw. These were usually supported by a pallet to avoid contact with creepy animals.

The normal mattress were first used in Rome around 200 B.C. cloth bags were stacked with hay, wool or straw to make the mattress. The rich Romans back then used feather stuffing which is really soft. So at last, something that looks like the mattress used in modern furniture was conceived.

The water bed was first invented by the Persians nearly 5500 years ago. They filled goatskins with water and laid on them.

Goatskins mattresses 10,000 - 3,600 B.C. were famous for their strength but the smell it produced was a major issue. This method of mattress making lasted for thousands of years. Persians used the first goatskin mattress filled with water.

In Asia, the history of mattresses is much harder than Europe. The kang was well known in China. It was constructed by heating a concrete platform on a wood-burning stove. These mattresses were as hard as a rock, however, this bed kept the Chinese warm during the Manchurian winters.

During the Renaissance age straw, pea shucks or feathers was stacked into bags, and then enclosed with silk or velvet brocade to make it look glamorous. Soon after, modern beds were invented, with mattresses being stacked onto a bed skeleton made from timber, leather or even ropes which served as additional support.

In the eighteenth century, the rich had a variety of mattress furniture including beds, little pedestals, couches, and divans. During this period, cotton wool was also used to stuff mattresses and this technique for making mattresses is still practiced today.

In the mid 1800s, the spring mattress was invented. The initial ones were somewhat risky to use due to jabbing and springs break. These were terrible things to experience at night.

Air mattresses were introduced in the 80s while upholstered furniture and inner spring mattresses were invented in the early 1930s.

Foam rubber mattresses were purchased to make pillows; encased coil spring mattresses were also in used then. From that point, the water bed (originally known as the Persian beds) was invented. It was widely used and continued to innovate until it was adjustable.

In the early 1970s, NASA invented the memory foam – one which had streamed down to the common man as mattresses.

In 1992, fibrelux introduced a revolutionary bed mattress made from rubberized coir.

NASA completely reinvented memory foam and from then on, there it continued to dominate in the mattress furniture. It increased in strength and quality and now everyone wants a memory mattress as must-have furniture.