How To Choose The Right Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is something you put on top of your mattress. Typically, they are 5 centimeters high and it’s intended to give you extra support, extra comfort, or both. The previous models were made of traditional materials such as wool and feather, but now, modern materials such as wool, cotton, and latex have been added.

Choosing the right mattress topper is an insightful move for those who attempt to get a quality sleep surface. Before deciding on the right mattress topper, it is important to understand the features of different types of toppers, after which selection becomes easy.

This article highlights 5 different mattress toppers you can choose from.

  1.      Latex Mattress Topper

Latex mattresses are made up of natural materials (sap of the rubber tree). In terms of support, they are highly recommended because latex toppers are viable in adjusting to the natural forms/contours of the body. Orthopedic support is given to the shoulders, limbs, and the back. It is porous and biodegradable, allowing your skin to breathe and causes little or no sweat.

  1.      Down Mattress Topper

Down toppers comprises of a combination of natural and hypoallergenic materials such as goose and feather. These materials guarantee a sleep without distraction. They are also luxurious and delicate to the feel so it may not be fitting to add a down mattress pad to it as it is already very delicate. Hence, it is recommended that the down mattress pad be added on top of solid mattresses such as coil and innerspring to retain the support level and to add comfort.

  1.      Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Though memory foam mattresses are quite expensive, yet you can experience the support and comfort it boasts at the convenient cost of a topper. These toppers also offer support to the back and neck.

More so, it supports all weight and is also convenient for virtually all types of sleeping position. It can also adapt with the natural contours of the body accordingly minimizing and eliminating pressure points.

  1.      Cotton Mattress Topper

This is another mattress pad made up of a traditional material (cotton). This is made with thick layers of cotton which is wrapped in cotton and then sewed again with cotton. It is breathable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable as well. When compared with other mattress toppers, it is the least durable as it tends to compress and sag with use.

  1.      Wool Mattress Topper

Wool is another natural material used for the topper. Its luxurious feeling makes it highly recommended for people who have solid mattress as it provides balance, comfort, and support. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

They are breathable and also have insulating properties that trap heat the same way memory foam would. Though there has been complaining that lying on a memory foam mattress often gets too hot but the same can’t be said of a wool mattress toppwe because it is will ensure a more comfortable night of sleep.

Use these useful tips to find an ideal mattress topper that will ensure the comfort of your primary bed.