How To Clean A Mattress

A well-kept mattress can provide you with comfort and many wonderful nights of sleep. Drafting a schedule for cleaning your mattress will increase its longevity. Learning how to clean your mattress and being consistent with it is very important. Remember, a comfortable mattress implies better night’s sleep for you and this can only be achieved when a mattress is kept clean.

Mattress cleaning seems to be one of the most popular questions asked by many bed users. Having a clean mattress is not the easiest things to do as it can be a challenge for those of us who have kids and pets living in our homes. There are so many mattress cleaning products available in the market, hence choosing the right one really depends on how much you know about a mattress and the cleaning product. Here are a few tips on how to keep your mattress clean.

  1.      Using Homemade Cleaning Solutions Such As Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the most common cleaning solutions used for to clean mattresses. You can make your own lemon cleaning solution by mixing ½ cup of lemon juice in cold water. You can also find a lemon cleaner in any supermarket close to you.

Using a sponge or cloth, apply lemon juice on the spot of the stains in your mattress and scrub it gently until the stains vanishes. One lovely advantage of cleaning a mattress with lemon juice is the sweet fragrance.

Remember not to be too harsh or to work beyond the spot of the stains in order to prevent the stain from spreading to unstained areas. This one is extremely effective in getting rid of stains (even stubborn ones like blood or urine stains).

Lemon juice can also be a solution for pet stains. Pet stains can spread a lot of fungus and bacteria on your mattress. It is best to treat pet stains as soon as you can. Use a cloth to remove as much moisture as you can, scrub the stain with mild hot water and detergent solution, and apply lemon juice over it to remove any remaining part of the stain and also to give some fresh fragrance.

  1.      Protect Your Mattress With A Mattress Cover or Pad

A mattress cover or pad can help keep the debris and dirt off your mattress. This piece of cloth or linen covers will not only cover the mattress but also protect it from stains related to liquid spill (e.g. beverages and leaks) and body fluids (e.g. sweat). This means your mattress cover ought to always be in good condition.

If you or your kids occasionally eat or drink in your bedroom, you may consider buying a waterproof mattress cover for your bed. A mattress cover or pad fits into a washer a lot easier than a mattress does.

Wash the cover on a regular basis to keep it clean and prevent dust from slipping into the mattress. Mattress protectors are available in furniture shops, warehouse stores, and bedding dealerships. You may also choose to use a mattress bag which is another form of mattress covering. You can simply take your mattress cover off the mattress into a washer once a week to get the maximum clean effect.

  1.      Use Your Vacuum

Using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum can be an effective tool for cleaning the sides of the mattress. A vacuum cleaner will not only get rid of dusts but also help to get rid of parasites that will cause you allergies such as asthma and skin irritation. That is why a vacuum cleaner is important for taking off the dusts and mites.

Dust mite love to infect a mattress. In fact, they are one of the leading benefactors of indoor pollutant. Clean your mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner to keep dust mite free. In order to get the best results, vacuuming should be done frequently. Dust mites will only find its way down into the mattress if not properly taken care of.

  1.      Removing Urine Stains

This is another challenging part of cleaning a mattress because removing urine stains isn’t just about the stain; you have the smell to deal with as well. Yet, it is possible to clean a urine-stained mattress. Urine contains salts and when they are in contact with the mattress, they smell. Remove sheets, blankets and any other coverings from the bed and wash thoroughly. You can also use bleach to remove stains effectively.

A quick solution is to blotch the surface with a piece of towel or cloth and try to douse up the urine to prevent the stain. After some time, prepare a solution by mixing vinegar with detergent and water, and then apply this onto the mattress. Repeat this process, but this time around, apply baking soda on the stain and vacuum it off 24hours later. This method can be used for blood or urine stains as these stains are virtually impossible to fully clean once they have their way with the mattress. You also need to be careful in the method of cleaning; make sure you don’t get too much liquid on the mattress while removing tough stains.

A clean mattress feels comfortable and provides better sleep. This means the quality of your sleep depends on so many factors including the neatness of your mattress and its cover. Some of you may wonder how stressful cleaning a mattress would be but I charge you to also consider the health benefits it’ll provide in the long run.

Whether you make use of an organic or inorganic mattress cleaning product, make sure you are comfortable. It will be disastrous to make use of mattress cleaning products that will have after-effects on your body.