How To Shop For A Mattress

After a hectic day, what comes to our mind is a blissful sleeping experience in order to recuperate from the day’s stress. This is unarguably the best thing you can give to your body after treating yourself to a nice meal. It is the least thing that we can do to keep our body fit and in perfect shape for our daily work. In enjoying a pleasant rest, the best treat you can give yourself is getting a comfortable mattress. Getting a good mattress is a core factor in achieving a good night sleep. On a normal ground, we do usually pay much attention to our bed. We do believe that as long it has a thick and soft casing, it should work for us. Nevertheless, if by chance you are experiencing sleeplessness or terrible nights, feeling irritable upon suffering back pains and waking, maybe it is time you replaced your mattress. Having inadequate sleep of lack of sleep can cause an increase in weight, depression, insulin levels and problems with memory and learning.

Today, there are different types of mattresses are available in the market. The first thing that should come to your mind when thinking of a mattress is comfort and support. Comfort is based on how your back and neck can be supported while support is a function of the numbers of the coil springs inside the mattress. Mattresses are usually produced to match an individual’s age, height, weight, and medical needs. Different mattresses provide a variety of effects. Therefore try to discover the one which will suit your sleeping style and body structure. Some of the available mattresses in the market include innerspring mattresses, air beds, memory foam mattresses, ultra plush mattresses, and water beds.

Do a proper analysis of how you sleep and how you feel when you wake up I the morning. Do you wake up with back pains and sore neck, wake up feeling well rested to start work for another day, or feel fatigued? The quality of the sleep you enjoy on your current bed at home plays a big role in determining what the type of mattress you should purchase now. If you feel the one you are currently using now is bed is too soft, start making plans to get a firmer one and if it is too hard, getting a softer one is definitely the next thing to do.

Finding the right and perfect mattress can prove to be a herculean task and something that cannot be done overnight. As a matter of fact, shopping for a mattress is a task that requires much patience unlike going into a casual store and purchasing shoes or clothes. Since this goes a long way in determining your comfort at night or anytime you want to rest, you don't want to make a hasty decision. If you spare ample time to learn and navigate through the available brands and types of mattresses, you will not encounter many problems when you go to the stores to shop for your new mattress.

Have it in mind that there are various classifications of firm and soft mattresses. Modern technology has turned things around in the sense that it is now possible for you to find a mattress that has your desired amount of firmness. You can even purchase one that enables you to adjust the hardness or softness of your mattress at will if your needs change with time. Technology has also made things easier for mankind by allowing you to improve the quality of your sleep or rest by altering your bed’s temperature. Scientific research has proved that most people tend to have poor sleep when the temperature is hot at night. With the advent of mattress technology, the bed will automatically adjust the temperature if you get too hot in order to account for your body temperature while you are asleep.

                                           Types of Mattresses Coils

There are different types of mattress coils. They include:

Offset Coils:This is an hourglass-type coil on which has flattened portions on the top and bottom convolutions. These flat segments of wire are joined together with helical wires to assemble the innerspring unit. The design of the hinging effect of the unit allows the mattress to conform to the shape of the body.

Bonnell coils:They are adapted from buggy seat springs of the nineteenth century and they are the oldest and most common coils available. They are still available in mattresses of average prices. Their springs are made of round-top, knotted, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil.

Marshall Coils:Theyare also referred to as pocket springs or encased coils. They have barrel-shaped, thin-gauge knotless coils specially enclosed in fabric pockets made from men and nonwoven fiber. A significant number of mattress manufacturers pre-compress these coils, which gives the mattress firmness and allows motion separation between the bed sides. Due to the fact that the springs are not wired together, the weight on one spring does not affect the others. An online survey showed that most people choose to buy pocket spring mattresses.

When you visit a store with the required knowledge you have gained from your research on mattresses, get one of the available salesmen to help in guiding you through the selection process. Make sure you examine each thoroughly before out each bed in the store. Spend a little time on each one, and stretched out in the position you sleep in when you are at home. This will make it easier for you to decide which bed is best suited for your needs. Don't forget that the prices of quality mattresses vary a lot and can be very expensive. If you want a high-quality bed produced by the world's leading manufacturers, you are expected to pay a premium price. If your budget cannot afford something too expensive, you can still get a quality mattress for an affordable price if you make your research very well. All you need to do is tell the salesperson about what you want and how much you are willing to spend.

Considering the options on the market today, making a decision on what is best for you may seem like a difficult decision. Since we do spend almost 30 percent of our lives in bed, it is imperative that you choose the right mattress for your needs. Hence, there is no reason to let shopping for mattress give you a headache or a stressful experience. Here are some basics to consider while you shopping for you desired mattress.

                                    Things to Consider While Shopping For A Mattress

  1.     Type Of Mattress Coils

Do not be too concerned with the actual coils when buying an innerspring mattress. Some manufacturers will utilize coils with a thinner gauge or more coils. At times, the way the coils are configured makes it a big selling point. Bear in mind that although there are lots of mattresses manufacturers in the world, coils manufacturers are not much. Chances are high that some cheap mattress brands utilize the same coils as the expensive brands. Check them out by lying down and see if you can determine the difference in the coils as you check various mattress models.

  1.     Firmness

Decide on the type of firmness that suits your needs. The general choices for mattress rigidity are soft, medium, and firm. People do have a common misperception that firm mattresses are better for our backs. Although you might have an illness that would benefit from a firmer mattress, many medical experts recommend a mattress of medium firmness which enables the spine’s natural curve when standing to remain the same while lying down. This implies avoiding a surface that is too hard or too soft.

  1.     Pillow Tops

There are extra options you might be faced with while shopping in addition to the mattress. Basically, a pillow top is a small layer of foam or other material sewn on the top of your mattress. Pillow tops add an extra layer of padding which makes one feels softer. You might want to check out other mattresses that do not have inner springs before buying if you like the feel of the pillow top.

  1.     Box Springs

Box springs are designed to give room for extra sits under the mattress. Some individuals prefer to put the mattress on a platform bed directly. Check out both options and see if you can spot any difference. Some mattress salesmen do tell their customers that box springs extend mattresses’ lives.

  1.     Additional Options

Asides innerspring mattresses, there are several options on the market today. We have visco-elastic foam mattresses which mold around your body while you lying down, allowing a perfect position for your spine’s natural curve. A lot of people with back injuries or chronic back pains report a decrease in body pains after switching to a foam mattress.

While shopping for a mattress, it is very important to put these aforementioned tips to mind in order to get a very good mattress. Remember that a good mattress goes a long way in giving you and your spouse a good level of comfort.