Queen Vs Split Queen Mattresses

Queen Vs Split Queen Mattresses

The queen mattress is one of the most popular size mattresses – the queen of all mattresses. It is the second largest mattress available on the market. Its dimensions make it six inches wider than the traditional double with additional sleeping space. On the other hand, the split queen mattress can easily accommodate two adults with each one having 30 inches of personal space.

Before you decide on buying a queen size or split queen mattress it is essential to know the differences what actually makes them stand out.

  1.      Dimension

Standard queen beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is practically about 5 inches longer than a full mattress, and half a foot wider. This means about three feet of personal bed space for couples. Maybe this is the reason why the queen mattress is the nation’s most common size and most popular. A queen size mattress offers ample space in the bed for both singles and couples, while not requiring the substantial room space needed for a king mattress.

Each half of the queen split mattress should measure 30 inch wide by 80 inch long for a total width and length of 60 inches and 80 inches respectively.

  1.      Steel Bed Frame Support

Truly, the queen split mattress needs to be properly supported in middle and at both ends of the box spring. This will prevent the two halves from falling apart to the floor. But, this isn’t really necessarily needed for a queen mattress.

  1.      Strength

Due to the extra wood and steel, it is obvious that the split queen box spring will be somewhat stronger than the queen box spring. Therefore, it is safe to state that there should be little difference when looking these two mattresses.

  1.      Movement

The truth is that the enormous size of this bed makes it difficult to move. So, changing the location of your queen size mattress might be really hard if you have plans of renovating your room. Also, individuals who seem to change location for certain reasons would not be happy with the difficulty involved in moving their queen bed whenever they need to move out.

For homes with stairways, halls, narrow doors or other restricted passageways, it is easier to move in or out with a queen split mattress. The set can easily be separated into part pieces, conveyed into the room, and effortlessly set up.

  1.      Price

The price can vary between mattress sellers, brands, materials used, and other important factors. However, the estimated cost to purchase a queen split mattress would be an additional $5 to $200. A queen size mattress is an epitome of affordability. This is due to the fact that manufacturers utilize less material is needed to fabricate the mattress.


  • Extra Sleeping Space

The queen mattress is most suitable for people who tend to sprawl over the bed while they are fast asleep. It is quite appealing to those whose preference in any mattress is the space. There is enough space for them to move and less risk of tumbling off the bed. Queen size mattresses are recommended for couples, as it provides ample space to turn, twist, and sleep sound at night.

Hanging feet and hands are the leading cause of numbness each morning but with the extra sleeping space, taller individuals will no longer have to dangle out their feet and hands from the bed. A queen mattress could also be used in many guest rooms just to ensure that the visitors are enjoying their stay in the guest’s bedroom. You would be happy to know this additional benefit - you wouldn't have to spend a lot on the bedding and bed sheets for a queen mattress.


  • Adjustable Bed Support

The queen split mattress work well with an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed is designed with a mechanism that allows the user to lower and raise the head or foot of the bed. One reason for considering an adjustable stability control is if your bed partner happens to sleep differently than you do. When a queen split bed shared by a couple uses this feature, the adjustment of the halves of the bed can be done separately. This allows one user to elevate the foot of the bed, while the other can either raise the head of his/her side to relax or even sleep in a flat position.  This way you each get the individual support you need to keep your backs and body healthy and enjoy a good night sleep. But, if this is beyond your budget, you will need to sort out the difference between each one of your needs.


The queen split mattress comprises of two smaller light weight pieces making it easier to move and maneuver through the smaller quarters of your house. In fact, the bed can easily be handled by one person.

Considering the wood or and steel used in the overall construction of these two beds offer different levels of support. The queen split mattress boasts added strength from the extra wood and steel, making them ideal for slightly overweight and heavy people. This makes the mattress offer high-quality support for the users.

Queen mattresses and queen split mattress are made by different manufacturers or brands, so it is essential to choose carefully. You wouldn’t want to pay a lot of money for something below par. Don’t let money cloud your judgment in terms of quality – which should always be the priority. Mattresses are a long-term investment because you will be sleeping on them for several years; hence, aligning your choice and thoughts is very important.