Simple But Effective Furniture Solution

Simple But Effective Furniture Solution
  1.      Know The Quality of The Material Used

When you know the quality of your furniture, you will save a lot of problems. Check the quality of the materials used in making your furniture. Most times, office furniture is made with wood chipboard; the thickness of chipboard should be properly assessed. Ensure that the furniture made of chipboard is of high-quality.

  1.      Cleaning Agents

The cleaning agents used on wood furniture pose a threat on the furniture. These are lots of low-quality cleaning products in the market today which can easily cause dryness and discoloration. Cleaning products made with ammonia-based solutions or any chemical-based products should be avoided. Also, harsh cleaning products waxes, and oils are harmful and can damage wood. You should do away with these agents when cleaning your furniture.

It is not advisable to clean wooden furniture with water. Although the surface may develop stubborn stains and residue, in any case, use either water with a mild detergent or plain water to remove stains. To achieve this, dilute one teaspoon of mild liquid soap in about 4 liters of water. Dip a soft sponge in the solution, drain out excess, and clean the surface in circular motion. Rinse the sponge or microfiber cloth with fiber water and squeeze out completely. Again, clean the wooden surface to remove soapy residue. Then finally, wipe the surface thoroughly with a clean, soft, dry towel.

  1.      Know How Durable The Material Is

Most office furniture are exposed to heavy duties, hence, durability will be dependent on how long the chipboard can endure. It is vital to estimate the thickness of the chipboard to know how durable it is. The standard thickness of chipboard should be around 18mm as it is necessary to provide stiffness because of its inability to spring and incapability of holding great weights. If the thickness is less than 18mm, it will definitely cost less and this signals low-quality. And, low-quality furniture should be avoided to prevent future problems that will make you seek for solutions.

  1.      Dusting

Dusting is a necessity in any environment, especially in dry and dusty areas. Dusting once a week is ideal! If you live or work in a dusty environment, simply take a duster and gently go over the surfaces until the dust is removed. Duster heads and static cloths are available that used electricity to trap dust. You can also use your vacuum to suck up and contain dust. If you ignore these two methods, dust will easily float around in the air and settle down on your furniture pieces.

  1.      Avoid Excessive Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause cracks on your furniture, hence, keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent them from wearing out. Position your furniture in a spot where it is safe from the sun’s rays or, minimize damage by covering your windows with curtains.

  1.      Versatility

It could be a disaster if movable furniture cannot be moved quite easily. If your furniture cannot be reconfigured easily, it might be a major problem. If your floor plan seems to be the problem, make sure to change it as quick as possible.


Furnishings created for industrial settings are far more than shelving and tables. Most industries create little room for storage, whereas storage needs to feature an ample number countertops and drawers to store valuable items. Locker units are ideal for hospitals, schools, and fire departments. They are finished in a way that kills bacteria, keeping the environment safe.

Display cabinets and store installations are proposed for industrial environments that receive frequent clients visit. Stylish and custom-made products that include surfaces for special environments should be used.

As a solution to store sensitive electric components, it is best to use storage cabinets for printed circuit boards behind the scenes before assembling the final products. These offer vertical or horizontal storage, with some models having lock doors for increased security.


Studies have shown that the furnishing used in teen’s private quarters affect their success and overall manner. While a teen’s room is messy and cluttered, it is often not the fault of the teen. Shortages of storage shelves can make even the cleanliest of teens to have heaps of textbooks piled around the floor.

The good news is there are a few solutions to this clutter. Beds with under-bunk bookshelf and drawers can add invaluable storage, while a compact corner desk is perfect for providing storage for teen’s book and school supplies. Parents and guardians need to remember that a teen with an organized bedroom is a happier teen and is just maybe more prone to socializing with the rest of the family!


Wines should be stored horizontally in drawers and should be separated slightly with a low division to ensure their safety. This prevents an accident, keeps the corks wet, and the labels showing, impressing any visitor when asked to choose the wine.


Size and measurement can be a major issue in the bathroom. As such, a bathroom furniture unit could be an ideal solution to this issue as it will hide away all your bathroom essentials. Any new bathroom furniture you’ll buy should store all your toiletries. It doesn't have to store smaller items such as creams, perfumes and so on. It could even hide larger items such as duvets, sheets, and more.

An opinion from a bathroom expert will make the process a lot easier all the way through. It is a good idea to fit furniture above a toilet. It will really maximize your available wall space!

NOTE: The slightest piece of an idea can really make the difference between a messy room and an extravagant one.