Sizes Of Mattress

Mattresses vary according to material, size, quality, and type. Nowadays, consumers are very much interested in the products available in the market that best suits their particular needs. This is particularly true when it comes to comfort and body support. Among these buyer considerations and interests, the size is of uttermost importance.

Although all of the mattresses have their benefits, yet, one stands out amongst others. It's always advised to do some research before buying a mattress. Thanks to the internet, online shopping has been made easy to buy bed anytime anywhere.

Let us consider different types of mattress and their various sizes.

Twin Size Bed Mattress

The twin size bed mattress is one of the most common types of mattress. it is often used in school dormitories and children’s bedroom. They are made with materials such as fiber, latex, and foam. Its size doesn’t necessarily determine its thickness.

It is also known as a single bed mattress and as the name implies, it is used for twin size beds. It is known to be the smallest size of mattress available in the market. One fortunate thing about it is that you can buy this type of mattress from a great brand without worrying about the price and quality.

Most people prefer the twin size bed for with less space. It is commonly used in the bedrooms of children in households. The narrow-sized kind of mattress makes it easier for people to move around in small spaces.

The twin size is another alternative for users having a small budget. Instead of buying the king size bed mattress, some people prefer to connect two twin-sized in order to create something similar to the king size mattress. After all, a twin size bed mattress is the cheapest among all other sizes of mattress.

Size: 39" in width and 75" long

Spring Mattress

Spring type mattresses are quite unbeneficial to the body. This is because the spring mattress is made up of the springing metal coil. At certain pressure points, these springs defer the body mass of the user. This means it doesn't really fit the body shape and, thus, doesn't provide the much-needed support to the parts of the body that need the said support. Besides, the spring sort has a lifespan of about 10 years and the price tag is way too much to be invested in.

Full Size / Double

Full size has an additional 15 inches in width than a twin size. This makes it gives more comfort for the user. It can also fit two people into a full-size mattress but 27 inches of width is assigned to each person – which is similar to the width of a crib mattress.

Size: 54" wide, 75" long

Air Mattress

Generally, air mattresses are made up of materials that can withstand wear and tear. These types of mattresses are phenomenal for sleeping on, mainly because they are slightly as comfortable as sleeping on an ordinary mattress. Therefore, in some cases, the mattresses may be ultra firm or loose.

To start using the mattress, you can fill the air completely to be ultra firm or you can let out a bit of air to make it lose. Upon purchase, the air pumps (manual or electric) and the bed itself make up the entire package of the mattress. Simply make sure you fill in enough air, else, you simply sink into the ground the next time you lay on it.

Size: A traditional king sized air mattress measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, and their height range between 6.5 and 25 inches high.

ðThree-Quarter Size

This size is usually for an old fashioned bed. The usual place to find antique beds is at auctions. These bed sizes are no longer produced by most of the major manufacturers.

Size: 48" wide, 75" long

ðKing Size Air Mattress

The base of the King size foam mattress is usually made out of the airbed material yet, the upper layer has a non-polyester surface that provides the best comfort that one can get from a mattress. Consumers who bank on the king size mattress often find the space more beneficial. It is also less expensive than the traditional the latex, and the visco-elastic types. For heavy or tall users, the king size air mattress is a huge bed that suits your needs. It gives you enough space to lie down comfortably. Its large size will also make your body respond to body temperature.

This mattress is a good option because it doesn’t manifest the spring effects of the spring mattress. In summary, you get the comfort of owning a very spacious bed without paying the high price. Subsequently, for those with enough money and spacious houses, the king size mattress is the best alternative as it is specifically designed for couples. This provides them with enough space for comfortable sleeping and other bedding activities.

The Eastern King or Standard King Size: This is around 18 inches wider compared to the Queen bed but of similar length. The complete package includes a mattress, 2 box springs, and frames.

California King Size: At 72" in wide, 84" long, it is 4 inches longer and 12 inches wider than a Queen bed. It also comes with a mattress, 2 box springs of half width upon purchase.

Full Long (Full XL)

It has the same width as a full (54”) but 80" long. It is meant for taller individuals who don’t have the space for a Queen Size bed mattress. Most wholesalers and retailers sell this bed at the same price as a queen.

Estimate: 54" in width, 80" in length

Queen Size Air Mattress

The queen size bed mattress is the best air size mattress you can ever imagine. It accommodates you and your companions and will provide the comfort needed for all of you.

Size: 60" in width, and 80" long

Twin XL

Twin XL is used in dormitories as it gives the extra lengths for taller students. You can form a king size when you combine two Twin XL mattresses.

Size: 39" wide, 80" long

It is very important that you also buy the right size bed sheets to fit your bed. Bear in mind that fitted sheets will work for just a particular size while flat sheet are meant to fit all sorts of beds.