Tips For Choosing A Mattress In A Box

Tips For Choosing A Mattress In A Box

The mattress in a box is a full-sized mattress, king mattress, crib mattress, or whatever mattress size that is compressed to fit the size of a smaller box. It is used in the transportation industry as a means of storing large mattresses in boxes. This reduction in the dimensions of these mattresses enables transportation companies to easily ship out more products for the same cost. This is not only beneficial to the companies but also to the consumers, as you will benefit from less expensive or even free shipment fee.

In other to choose a mattress in a box, consider the following tips:

  1.      Lie Down

Before buying any mattress in a box, lie on it and make yourself comfortable. Don’t allow any sales personnel to distract you while doing this as they should expect you to take your time during this procedure. This is an important step to take because improperly compressed mattresses are prone to wear and tear. Spend no less than five or ten minutes on each part of your body, testing your sleeping position on it. It is rare for any client who properly tested or perhaps took beds home for a trial changed the opinion after the period of trial.

  1.      Haggle

Once you have settled on a decision, try to beat down the price. Although, many warehouses have fixed prices and won’t haggle, yet, most retailers do negotiate and during the process, they can as well offer discounts during their frequent sales. Whenever you are ready to purchase, insist on a sale price you have previously seen until you get the deal that is matches your budget.

  1.      The Mattress Installation

Installing a mattress should be easy and fast. This is the essence of compressing mattress in a box, to fit in very tight rooms. This is why it is recommended to decompress the mattress in the room where you intend to fit it, as it would be more difficult for you to move it once it reaches the full size. All you need to do when you get to your room is to take it out of the box, cut the plastic wrapper, and install it. Use a pair of scissors to cut the plastic as a cutter or knife might eventually tear the mattress. The standard inflation process shouldn’t take more than 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the size of the mattress.

  1.      Understand The Warranty

Ensure the warranty can range from 10 to 20 years and that it covers manufacturing defects such as broken coil wires and sagging. Though, this coverage is frequently modified, i.e. it decreases over time, yet, it is advisable to understand the warranty before making any purchase.

  1.      Check Return Policies

Ensure the store offers a full credit or refund toward another mattress. Comfort guarantees, often called return period usually range from a few weeks to 4 months. Some retailers charge a 15% restocking fee, while others provide free pickup whenever you want to exchange or refund. This is essential unless you will have to pay for transporting the mattress back to the store. Furthermore, you will be responsible for any damage.

  1.      On Delivery Day

Never accept the mattress delivery without properly inspecting the mattress and the box for stains and other damage. Also, ensure that the mattress has the right label before you discharge the driver. If there are no labels, quickly refuse delivery. The labels should also be kept properly in case you need to file a warranty claim in the future.


Basically, the spring-based memory foam mattresses are the most convenient mattress type to compress in a box. And, the memory foam adjusts to the shape and contour of your body once you lay on it and immediately reforms to the original shape once you get up. Hence, for box mattresses to maintain their exact shape during the period of storage, the springs and the memory foam are required to be more effective than the traditional or average memory foam model. In addition, since they come in an air tight wrapper, they are less prone to contain harmful microorganisms.


Basically, anybody can benefit from this convenient and comfortable means of mattress transportation. However, the concept was intended for those who find it difficult to transport a full-sized or double mattress from top floors of a flat building since they will not fit into the lift much of the time. On the other hand, if you plan on living for a few months, you cannot afford the luxury of transporting large mattresses along, but compressing the mattress in a box makes it easy to be accounted for in any situation.