Tips To Extend Mattress Life

Investing in a high quality, expensive mattress can last you over a decade with the proper care. Mattresses can be a gigantic investment, one which may be too costly for consumers during financial downturn. Nonetheless, a good mattress on the other hand is essential for your general well-being, with most of sleeping complaints emanating from a poor quality mattress.

Sufficient sleep plays a vital role in the user’s experience, what they can understand in the new sleep system, and how they can benefit from long-term support and comfort – the greatest return on mattress investment. Most mattresses have the tendency to last between 5-10 years when proper care and attention is put into consideration.  Therefore, learning the basics on how to look after your mattress is a brilliant idea for all homeowners.

Here are a few tips on how you can extend the life of your mattress so it lasts longer:

  1.      Flip or Rotate Your Mattress Once Quarterly

Although most mattress company attest to a “no flip” feature, you still have nothing to lose in flipping your mattress once in every four months. Flipping will level out wears and sagging so it doesn't desert spaces. Rotating also will evenly distribute weight on your mattress.

  1.      Get a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers help to protect your primary mattress. It will shield your mattress from dirt and stain before getting to your mattress. Nowadays, most beds come with a topper else, you should consider buying one. The good news is that toppers aren’t expensive. Latex or memory foam toppers can cost about a hundred dollars.

Toppers should be used on mattresses to give it that additional layer of protection that will help extend its lifespan. Finally, keeping your mattress topper clean is also very important as well.

  1.      Avoid Jumping

It is a mattress, not a trampoline. Prevent kids from jumping on the mattress as a trampoline. This is one of the quickest ways to age the mattress and make it end up unsupported and lumpy.

  1.      Do Not Eat or Drink On The Mattress

It might be convenient to eat or drink on your mattress, however it is ideal. Foods and drinks will attract microorganisms and insects to your mattress. Even if you mistakenly ignore this, try as much as you can to clean the crumbs immediately. The sooner you do this, the lesser the chances they’ll find their way into the mattress.

  1.      Strong Bed Frame

Mattresses also need a solid support, make sure you use a bed frame designed with a centre support. This will help it last longer and support the mattress in the centre as it’s positioned under less strain.

  1.      Airing

When it comes to extending the life of a mattress, airing is one of the best actions you can take as this helps fabric in mattresses to retain the quality. Airing mattresses is likewise important because it paves way for accumulated moisture to evaporate. This is particularly applicable to king size mattresses and other sizes above due to the surface area and mass.

  1.      Clean Your Mattress Once Every Month

This might sound very difficult to some people but a simple vacuuming is all you need. Vacuuming removes dust and clean bugs. This is particularly helpful for those with allergen sensitivity as it helps to ward off allergy attacks.

If you find stains on the mattress, clean it immediately before it sticks to it. This might be a little bit difficult to clean so it is best to use natural cleaning materials since they are less aggressive on the mattress. Make use of baking soda or vinegar as cleaning agents and avoid scrubbing the mattress as the stains will just grow deeper.

  1.      Never Support The Full Weight Of Mattresses With Handles

Most handles are designed to assist you with realigning the mattress over the boxspring. Now, if handles are improperly used, they may pull out and render the fabric useless.

  1.      Never Soak Your Mattress In Water Deliberately

Mattresses are highly absorbent and will take time to dry. Truth be told, it will in all likelihood get mold before it dries out. Avoiding this will extend the lifespan of your mattress.

  1.                         Beware of Bed Bugs

While you are away from home, be careful not to track bedbug eggs back home. These eggs could develop and easily infest your mattress. In order to prevent this, check for signs of bedbugs on any mattress you find yourself away from home. If you see signs of them (usually reddish in color), leave the room immediately.

  1.                         Avoid Urine and Other Liquids

If chemical substances like urine soaks into the mattress, spray a solution containing liquid soap or rather apply with a towel soaked in that solution. For this to work effectively, the solution ought to be in place for an hour or so. Apply pressure on the spot in order to help absorb the urine. When you have achieved this, you can then place the mattress under a fan for drying.

No matter how careful you are mattresses will undoubtedly soak up liquids. This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress. You can solve this by applying a solution of vinegar in water and making sure you don’t soak the mattress in it. This solution will deter bacterial growth and also dispose any residual odors.

The only recommended way to clean a mattress is “vacuuming”. A quality mattress topper will help prevent it from stains. You can also rub mild soap and cold water to tackle a stain effectively.