Top 12 Tips For Buying A Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are made using different kinds of unique materials to give users the benefits of all of the components used. It’s just like combining the features of two separate beds in one. It typically combines foam comfort layers with coil-based foundation. The memory foam, polyfoams or latex are common components used.

When buying a hybrid mattress, it is important to consider the following tips:

  1.      Consider Quality

It is only natural to be attracted at first sight to those stores that sell cheap mattresses. Truth be told, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, you should consider the quality ahead of the price. It is also wiser to buy expensive mattress that is long lasting and in good quality than to buy something that can be easily worn out at a cheaper price.

  1.      Durability

As you shop, avoid polyfoams, particularly when they are embedded within the upper comfort layers of the product. Polyfoams are not durable enough, but materials such as high-density memory foam or latex will offer you the real value of your money.

  1.      Size

The size of the mattress you want to buy is also important. Remember, mattresses come in different sizes. Consider whether you’ll need it alone or if you sleep with a partner.

  1.      Support

Hybrids, especially firmer models often provide more support than all-foam mattresses. Make sure it is made of materials that won’t tolerate sagging because sagging can undermine the mattress’s ability to properly support the user’s weight.

  1.      Coil Based Property

Take note: Coils are known for their ability to provide support and maintain the position of the sleeper on the mattress. If your goal as the user is to keep you on top of the mattress while providing support, then go for a coil-based hybrid mattress. Furthermore, if you are sharing this mattress with a partner, you are most likely to feel and hear practically every move they make throughout the night. This is because motion travels easily through the coils, which would be lead to the major trouble with coil – ability to develop loud squeaks over time.

  1.      Foam Based Property

For foam based hybrid mattresses, the goals are quite different as they are designed to provide extra pressure and contour relief. They are also known to oppose/counteract motion transfer. With a foam-based hybrid mattress, the sleeper sinks deeply into the mattress, focusing on deep compression support, body-contouring, and pressure relief.

They are basically quiet and allow the user to move around the bed without interrupting the sleep of his or her partner. That being stated, without the ricochet of the support coil, moving around has a tendency to be more challenging on a foam mattress. More so, some users complain of sleeping warm or feeling stuck on a foam mattress. This is because these products are known to embrace you in a way that can make it hard to move around.

  1.      Comfort

This includes the hardness or softness of the mattress. Typically, it is your preference to decide whether you need a hard mattress or a soft mattress to provide the comfort needed. If you think a hard mattress is comfortable enough, then get a hard mattress. If you think a soft mattress is comfortable enough, then get a soft mattress. All being said, comfort of a mattress is solely dependent on personal preference.

  1.      Hybrid/Semi-Hybrid?

Be aware that some products are semi-hybrid, which means the product combines a coil base with a pillow-top. The objective is more like that of the hybrid which is to deliver a product that features the bounce and response of innerspring with an additional degree of motion transfer reduction, pressure relief, and comfort.

  1.      Maintenance

Flipping hybrid mattresses are not always often. However, rotating them may combat wear or prevent sagging. If you are a heavy weight user, this can be quite difficult for one person. Consider the overall maintenance to decide whether or not you can follow up with the flipping or rotating arrangement.

  1.                         Ability To Counteract Heat

As you deliberate on your hybrid mattress, you may want to consider its ability to counteract heat. This is because your body temperature lowers slightly as you fall into different stages of sleep. During these stages, your body experiences several restorative processes necessary for good health. Hybrid mattresses have the ability to counteract the heat; this feature ensure that you don’t disrupt your sleep by waking up in the middle of the night. If the mattress fails to exhibit this property, consider it not-hybrid!

  1.                         Choose Reputable Brands and Good Store

When you shop at a reputable store, you will not only get a high-quality mattress but also learn about what you are buying. Stores with well-trained sales personnel can assist you by highlighting the important features of hybrid mattresses.

  1.                         Test!!!

Most mattress-specialized stores offer a test period for mattresses. You will be given the time to fully test your new mattress and if you are not content with the final delivery, you have the chance of returning it. While doing this, you must make sure you keep the mattress as new as it was found in the store, else you may have to pay an additional fee.

The bottom line remains the same: try out the mattresses and check for comfort and support. Don’t focus more on the name or brand, as it is mostly a marketing term, but at least ensure that the mattress will have a slightly different feel. It’s not necessarily worse or better than any other type of mattress, just somewhere in between the inner-springs and all-foam mattress.