Top 12 Tips For Buying An Adjustable Bed

Besides saving space, adjustable beds are beneficial to our health. First, it can prevent heartburn because acid does not go up to the esophagus, thus preventing acid reflux disease. As an additional benefit, adjustable beds reduce pain and back bone problems.
Adjustable beds are the best choice for those who have had sleeping problems due to body strain, stress or other discomforts. Its ability to mold according to the person’s body structure provides relaxation and comfort. Adjustable beds are also strong and can support over 600 pounds of weight.
Adjustable beds come in a large variety of different shapes, models, types, and sizes to fit any budget. There are manually operated adjustable beds that configure themselves by using a remote control unit, to the highest point of the line, and everything that you would ever need in an adjustable bed.
These useful tips will guide you on how to choose the right adjustable bed.

1. Purpose
It is important to know your purpose of getting adjustable beds as this will determine your budget on this mattress. If your main purpose is to improve your sleep or have a space-saving bed, it’ll be best for you to get the regular one. However, if you have other serious health issues, you must choose the electric bed with massage and heater features

2. Manual or Automatic
Adjustable beds can be operated manually or via a motor, make sure that you confirm this feature while purchasing the bed. If it has a motor, check for the manufacturer’s warranty duration on it. And if it is manually operated, make sure you familiarize yourself with the features and functions of different levers.

3. Motor Type
It is also important to check the type of motor. AC is more popular and durable, but DC is small, quieter, and less expensive. You have to figure out which of these motors will fit into your needs.

4. Head and Leg Elevation Option
Make sure the head elevation option raises supports the head and back by raising the head of the bed. This option aids in getting out of bed, changing of different positions, and sitting up in bed. A 50% incline provides the best positions for whatever pain you are trying to manage during sleep. Also, ensure that the leg elevation option raises the lower legs. This will be helpful for people with phlebitis, fluid drainage, edema, and circulation problems.

5. Consider Aesthetics
Generally, adjustable beds are designed for hospitals to address health issues. Time and innovation has made them applicable in homes to provide comfort for those without medical issues. If you fall in this category, find an adjustable bed that does not look like a hospital bed. This will erase an impression that there is somebody sick in your home. In addition, look for trendy designs to fit the beauty of your house.

6. Control
This is another tip most users take for granted. How much control you will have is something worth considering when you are choosing an adjustable bed for your needs. As the user, you should be able to control the bed’s features and functions from any position with ease.

7. Movement
Choosing an adjustable bed that has wheels will make a perfect choice. An adjustable bed with wheels is beneficial in so many ways. To begin with, it can be easily transported from one room/spot to the other. Secondly, it makes the cleaning process very easy and efficient because all you have to do is roll the bed somewhere and then clean the space under the bed.

8. Remote
No matter how brilliant you are, simplicity is needed! As a user, you’ll need an easy-to-read remote. You may want to opt for those that have led back lighting so you can easily see what you are adjusting.

9. Style
Your preference is your style and your style makes your choice! From the numerous styles available, you should choose the style you wish to have. There are the hospital type adjustable beds (with metallic frames) and also the fashionable looking beds for home use. These are for people who do not have health issues and for those whose preference is one that looks less clinical; do well to get one of these.

10. Wired or Wireless
This choice should be made based on your budget and your preference to wireless technology. Actually, wireless adjustable beds only costs a little more compared to the wired of this bed.

11. Price
Regardless of how long this furniture has existed, the price still varies based on many factors. If you want to procure features such as heater and massage, be prepared to pay a higher price compared to the one that can only be reclined. More so, electric adjustable beds are quite more expensive than the regular ones. So, know your budget before deciding on what to buy.

12. Warranty
The last thing to remember while buying an adjustable bed is to see what the warranty period is and how much a regular servicing of the bed would cost you. 
It is very important to choose a bed that offers a good warranty. If the bed is going to have problems, the first 3-6 months will surely uncover the problem. Make sure to have the warranty first before you purchase the bed.

Now that you know some of the important tips/guidelines to follow while buying adjustable beds, it is safe for you to buy one yourself, or better still, you could get more information over the internet. 
There are many kinds of these beds in the market today which needs to be chosen based on the personal requirements of the user. There is no specific type of adjustable bed that is suitable for everybody. You can also seek professional medical advice before buying an adjustable bed. For those who have to remain in bed for long hours, and for those who seek comfort and support, the right kind of bed is very important for you. Adjustable beds are also available for disabled children.