Top 7 Tips to Create an Allergy-Proof Home

Allergies are a primary health condition, and extremely stressful. Allergy-proofing the home is an essential consideration for many families. A good air conditioner is definitely the best approach to allergy-proofing your home. The design concepts of air conditioning are perfect for allergy management, because they're holistic systems, fully integrated with the environmental issues of the home.
Modern air conditioning systems include a very wide range of features, including super efficient filtration systems, which can achieve wonders in anyone's home.

Electrostatic filters

Electrostatic filters are specifically designed to deal with microbes, dust, airborne particles, mold spores, and other potentially dangerous airborne problems. Electrostatic filters are pretty cheap and so easy to use and maintain they're actually washable.


Excess humidity can create real problems for allergic people. Humidity control is one of the primary options for a complete allergen management system. A modern air conditioning system like a ducted air conditioner is designed to manage your humidity controls to perfection.


Fresh air is one thing, but if a window lets in a lot of material into your home it's a problem. One of the advantages of getting some professional advice about air conditioning systems is you can design a new approach to your windows while you're setting up the air conditioning. Getting some fresh air doesn't have to be a risky experience.


Filters vary depending on the type and model of air conditioning system you use. Modern filters are extremely efficient, easy to handle, and comparatively cheap. The new generation of filters is designed to deal with microscopic nuisances, some of them having filter sizes of one micrometer or less. That's exactly what you need for thorough air quality management of allergens.


You can make your pets much happier and healthier with good air quality. Although they're sometimes accused of being part of the problem, that's comparatively rare. In fact, they're sometimes part of the solution. If your pet is showing signs of distress similar to human allergic reactions, (check with a vet if you're unsure) they may be your first warning you have a problem.


Molds are potentially very dangerous. They can cause serious lung infections and a range of other conditions. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment, on clothes, shoes, and skin. They're so tiny that given a chance they become airborne, and cause sometimes severe allergic reactions.
You need a good modern air conditioning system to control molds and mold spores. Humidity controls are particularly effective in preventing the growth of molds inside the home, and filtration systems catch airborne spores.


Dust is a serious issue because it can also carry germs and viruses. This is another area where a modern air conditioner makes a huge difference, drastically reducing dust and its nasty possibilities.
Nobody has to put up with the horrors of allergies. Allergy-proofing your home can be done very quickly and efficiently. Check out your options online and then just pick up a phone.