Top 8 Tips For Choosing Your Mattress Comfort Level

Top 8 Tips For Choosing Your Mattress Comfort Level

The comfort level of a mattress depends on the edge materials and upholstery. The best mattress for back pain provides a high comfort level and good support, yet, it might not necessarily be the most expensive. Hence, before choosing a mattress, you have to find a balance between comfort level and good support. If you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed without stiffness and aches, then you have found the right mattress for you.

Different mattresses offer different levels of comforts, ranging from ultra plush to extra firm. The level of firmness that is best for you is dependent on your sleeping position. This is why you have to experience the different levels of comfort (I call it comfort trial) offered by different mattresses in order to determine the most supportive one for your body and needs.

During this comfort trial, you get more time to evaluate the effects of the mattress that is in line with your sleep pattern. Else, you may end up exchanging the mattress and possibly paying more for a different comfort level. Hence, in other to figure out what type of comfort you want from a mattress, here are eight basic levels of comfort you have to consider.

  1.      Ultra Plush

Ultra plush mattresses have a very soft feel – they are the softest comfort level available. This type of mattress, usually quilted, allows the user to sink deeply into the surface fibers. Sleeping on ultra plush mattress gives you the feel of sleeping on a feather bed. Not only will you feel more cushion and softness than anything, but you will still get the added benefit of good back support.

  1.      Plush

Consumers who prefer a less plush feel should opt for the mattress/padding with less upholstery. Don’t let anyone talk you into this as it should be a personal decision or preference. Plush is firmer than the ultra plush, but less firm than cushion firm. Side sleepers, due to their weights rest are prone to pressure points in the smallest areas of the body which in turn result in bad circulation. And, placing a bolster between their knees has proven to reduce the stress. Hence, mattress with a plush and softer feel will be preferred. Plush designs offer thick padding for a luxurious feel.

When buying a mattress, don’t just look at it, smell it, lay down on it, feel it, and make sure you could assess the quality and comfort level of whatever mattress type you are buying. Also, the edge of the plush mattresses should be made of a strong material in other to prevent roll off and sagging each time you sleep close to the edge.

The plush soft mattress is finished with an additional layer of plush on the top, not on upholstery as there is on a pillow top. This is to ensure that users choose what offers them closer to the necessary support while in bed. It really has more give than the traditional firm model or type. Plush is an ideal choice for those who enjoy softer mattress than a traditional firm one without any additional upholstery.

  1.      Cushion Firm

They are firmer than ultra plush, but softer than firm i.e. not too soft and not too hard. The cushion firm mattress is designed in a way that makes the user tend not to feel much of the support system, yet still get the necessary support. These mattresses are tailored using a combination of dense and supple upholstery layers to provide a deep-down firm feel as well as well as a soft surface. Consumers who buy this mattress type are those who prefer a lot of comfort and cushion.

  1.      Contoured

A contoured mattress conforms to your body to provide pressure relieving support. It is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.

  1.      Firm

This is the closest to the hardest of the comfort levels. Firm mattresses generally have no give! The firmness is determined by the types of mattresses. For instance, the firmness of an innerspring spring mattress created with coils is dependent on the number of coils. A firm innerspring mattress has 312 coils and it is comfortable for individuals under 90 pounds.

Firm mattresses are not as comfortable to most consumers rather they are for those who prefer a harder sleeping surface. They lack an extra cushion; hence, the support system can be felt in the mattress better than when you lay on one of the softer models listed above.

  1.      Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses are the best in terms of firmness and surface comfort, supporting your every move with pillow-like softness while sleeping. This mattress possesses an additional layer of upholstery on the top. The extra upholstery increases the comfort level of the mattress, and this makes the user feel the support system as clearly as could be imagined. Consumers that enjoy the benefit of added upholstery and back support are advised to purchase a pillow top.

  1.      Extra Firm

Extra firm mattresses are more appropriate for individuals who have a higher body density or those who prefer to a hard bed. This is the firmest mattress choice for sleepers who desire a hard feel.

Note: If the mattress is too firm it may as well not conform to the natural curves of your back and spine. However, this solid foundation is perfect for back sleepers who need steady support.

  1.      Customized

Customized mattresses are personalized to your sleep mode and unique body type. It is particularly for those who get a recommendation from their orthopedist.

One thing you can do in order to reduce your back pain and improve your level of comfort is getting a bed that is really supportive and comfortable to sleep in. But the problem is that there are way too many beds on the market that makes finding the best one difficult. As such, make sure to shop around (both online and offline), compare the prices and find the best mattress that will make every single night a memorable one.