Twin Vs Twin XL Mattress Comparison Guide

Twin Vs Twin XL Mattress Comparison Guide

When you lack a sufficient amount of sleep, or good quality sleep this affects your overall health. Sleeping all through the night doesn’t mean you are getting good sleep. When you sleep on an uncomfortable twin size mattress, it causes poor quality sleep. Therefore, the best way to get that quality sleep to function efficiently is to invest in a twin size or twin XL bed that is comfortable to you. The twin mattress is designed for a single person or a dormer or one who likes to go camping alone. Though this mattress is quite simple, however, you'll be amazed as to how flexible it is; as it is can suit the different needs and budgets of its users.

The numerous benefits of the twin air mattress, which includes compatibility, durability, low-budget mattress, comfort, and so on makes it easy for consumers to fall in love with this type of inflatable bed. These benefits also make the twin mattress such a great purchase. At a far cheaper rate, it will provide an equal level of comfort as other alternatives. It is extremely convenient as it inflates in less than four minutes and it can be readily available for another day. They are ideal for making a sleep outdoors and even camping; it can be setup within a matter of minutes.

Now, to the big question!

What are the differences between the twin mattresses and the twin XL?

Check out this comparison guide below:

  1.      Size

A twin mattress is 75 inches long and 39 inches wide

A twin XL mattress is 80 inches long and 39 inches wide

Measuring 80 inches in length and 39 inches in width, the twin XL mattress is five inches longer than the twin at a similar width. It is perfect for single sleepers of any age and it is also great for growing teenagers and children in smaller bedroom spaces.

While a traditional twin mattress come in 75 inches width x 39 inches length, the 5 inches extra gives more leg space. Indeed, this difference may not seem realistic, yet, it is actually the difference between sleeping someone 6 foot 8 inches to sleeping someone 6 foot 3 inches.

  1.      Flat Sheets

The flat sheet size is one of the most important measurements to know. Twin flat sheets are usually 96 inches long and 66 inches wide. Most manufacturers provide similar size to twin XL flat sheets, while others provide longer sheets for XL sizes, up to 102 inches long.

  1.      Price

Twin beds are quite affordable depending on the style and manufacturer. The price may vary from one hundred dollars to three hundred dollars, or even more. Everything depends on your comfort level and sleeping position. The bed frames for twin beds may be more affordable than the twin XL because of the added length.

If you have a low budget, it will be advisable for you to purchase a twin mattress as the XL version can be a bit more expensive.

  1.      Blankets

Twin blanket sizes average 90 inches in length and 66 inches in width. The same size may be used for twin XL mattresses or may be a few inches longer.

  1.      Foot Space

As expressed above, the XL version has the same width as the twin bed but it is 5 inches longer, thereby giving the user an additional 8 inches of foot space. For 6 feet tall individuals or those who tend to roll over the bed as they sleep, the twin XL is ideal for you. You can as well move the twin XL bed in one corner of the visitor/guest room and fill the rest of the empty space with just a rug on the floor. This makes the room more spacious and gives an open feel to the guest.

This twin size mattress is widely used in dorm rooms where there are smaller foot spaces. Space is often limited in a school dormitory or a college dorm which makes the students not roll in open space at school. They are the perfect fit for single sleepers in rooms that don’t take up too much space. It also leaves a portion of the floor for a roommate to put his/her bed in as well. It creates plenty of space to accommodate other stuff like TV, home theatre, computer, stereo, and so on to fit in. In a nut shell, the twin mattress is very portable!

  1.      Comfort

Twin size bedding is 75 inches in length which is about 6.25 feet. That is plenty of length if someone below average height is sleeping in it. The extra 5 inches length in the XL version is a lot of space which implies a lot more comfort throughout the night. That is to say, the twin XL mattress is more comfortable that the twin mattress – this actually depends on the users’ height.


Comfortable mattresses are available in all sizes. Regardless of what size bed you sleep in, you will agree with me that a comfortable mattress is essential to enhance spinal health as well as quality sleep. People who sleep on uncomfortable mattresses are liable to suffer from both back pain and ceaseless fatigue. If your twin size mattress isn’t comfortable, do yourself a favor by purchasing another twin size mattress or a twin XL size mattress that will give you a comfortable feel.