What is the Ideal Sleeping Position during Pregnancy?

What is the Ideal Sleeping Position during Pregnancy?

Medically, pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side. This conclusion was made after several pieces of research by medical professionals who investigated into the ideal sleeping position during pregnancy. In addition, while medical professionals do not categorically discourage sleeping on the right side, the idea of sleeping on the back was totally rebuked. Both mothers and babies tend to gain significantly when the sleeping position of the mother during pregnancy was on the left side.

Furthermore, Obstetricians pointed out that sleeping on the left side during pregnancy promotes rapid blood flow to the placenta. Additionally, they continued that this sleeping position increases the level of the nutrient that flows across the placenta which ultimately becomes available for the developing baby. 
More so, sleeping on the left side helps the kidney to get rid of the metabolic waste products and excess fluids from the body system.

As a direct benefit of sleeping on the left side, you are less likely to experience any form of swollen ankles. Also, exposure to inflictions such as puffy or swollen feet or hands is reduced. Although sleeping on the left side can be a difficult event for pregnant women, it is still an art that must be practiced. Hence, pregnant women are advised to cultivate this art right from their early weeks of pregnancy. As time goes on, when your abdomen is getting wider, sleeping on your left will gradually and completely become natural.

On the other hand, the worst sleeping position during pregnancy is sleeping on the back. It is generally not good for the mother and does not allow the developing baby to get as many nutrients as required. Just imagine having the weight of and pressure from your growing baby lying on your vital and essential forms? This would make these organs press against your spine and cause unforeseen problems. The least of these problems is experiencing severe back pains, whereas, there can equally be a more severe and intense implication.

The full weight of your uterus imposes another pressure on the back muscles, the intestine, and the inferior vena cava. This inferior vena cava is the vein that transports blood back from the lower part of the body to the heart. Hence, if you want to avoid a backache, slow digestive system, difficulty breathing, circulatory problem or hemorrhoids, try as much as possible to avoid sleeping on the back during pregnancy.

Another worst effect of sleeping on the back during pregnancy especially during the third trimester of the pregnancy is an extreme circulation defect. This effect can be fatal and vary from woman to woman. Some women can experience a significant drop in blood pressure which results in dizziness. While in some women, their sleeping position during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure and some other complications. Such other complications include the development of pre-eclampsia which can have a life-undermine effect for both the mother and the baby.