What To Do For Fleas On Your Bed

Fleas are small, dark (usually brown or almost black), insects that have specialized mouth part that can penetrate the skin of its host and suck blood. It gets its nutrients from the hosts’ blood to survive.

Getting rid of fleas on your bed or in your home generally requires time and patience because they can’t be eradicated overnight else, you’ll see them coming back stronger.

They can be extremely difficult to annihilate if you don't take the right steps and lack knowledge of their life cycle. But the good news is there are many ways to expel and control fleas on your bed and this article highlights some.

  1.      Wash Bed Covers Thoroughly

Wash bed or furniture covers thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove any larvae/pupae or eggs that may be sticking to them. The warm water and soap will ensure the flea larva is removed completely. After washing, endeavor to dry them under the sun as sunlight is aversive to fleas.

  1.      Vacuum Inside Your Home

Vacuuming should be done before using any flea products/insecticides. Since fleas love to stay in dark areas, ensure to vacuum the under the furniture, the corners of the room and the beds. In the pupae stage, fleas will be safeguarded against insecticides since their cocoon is water tight. This is why consistent and continuous vacuuming is recommended.

Each time you vacuum, you kill the larvae, eggs and adult fleas while leaving the pupae unaffected. Now if this is done monthly, in any case, you definitely will be able to destroy the fleas life cycle given the fleas eradication after developing as adults without an opportunity to lay eggs.

  1.      Bug Insecticides/Products

Insecticides and other commercially available flea products can be used as the most effective method to eradicate fleas. You can purchase one of these from any local pet store but make sure vacuuming is carried out before by utilizing any of these products.

  1.      Natural Eradication

If you prefer using a natural means of eradicating fleas, you can try using garlic, olive oil, and talcum powder on/around your bed which can be very helpful. Essential oils like fennel and basil can also be used to discourage these parasites. Essential oils should be mixed with water and sprinkled around your furniture, bed, accessories, and pet beddings.

Cedar chips are another effective natural repellant for flea control as the parasites have a tendency to avoid them. Other natural flowers and herbal treatments like using pennyroyal and lavender which emit fragrances that flea immediately evade far from; have been recommended.

NOTE: Knowing the source of a problem solves at least 50% of that problem. In order to completely remove and control fleas on your bed, remove them from the source - your pet cats and/or dogs. Using pet powders, dips, and collars can remove fleas from pets; notwithstanding, responsible pet owners would realize that there are other safer and effective ways of treating fleas in pets.