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Dolce Sogno Aversa Italian Mattress

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The Aversa mattress is made of natural and innovative materials that offers extensive full-body support with a weight-distributing memory foam that can help enhance blood circulation and relieve stress on pressure points on the body. The bed is padded with hypoallergenic fiber and underneath that is the Silver Fiber. The layer of pure silver gives the bed many properties such as the ability to remove static charges, expel body heat. Silver is also known for its effects on killing bacteria, and more relevant to this bed, bacterial odors.

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    1st Layer Made of Memory Foam | 2nd Layer Made Of High Density Foam | Padding: Hypoallergenic Fiber |

    Size Available: Twin, Full, Queen and King 

    The core is made of: High Density Foam, able to offer strong support to the entire body, and Memory Foam, able to maintain weight distribution, reduce pressure points, enhance blood circulation, favoring a relaxing sleep. The padding is made of hypoallergenic fiber.

    The Silver fiber, obtained by a layer of pure silver, joins a textile fiber to create a series of actions:

    • Antistatic – dispelling instantly annoying electrostatic charges;
    • Thermoregulated– Regulates body temperature retaining the heat generated by the human body and distributing  of the same human warmth to the outside in different cases;
    • Antimicrobial – silver ions inhibit enzyme activity and multiplication of microbes themselves to extinguish.
    • Anti-odor: It has been proven that the silver fiber has an anti-odor power.

    1ST LAYER made of MEMORY FOAM thermo-sensitive, non-deformable, adaptable

    • 2ND made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM optimum rigidity
    • PADDING: hypoallergenic fibers

    • COVER: SILVER SAFE, Anti-microbial, anti-static, thermoregulated, Anti-odor

    • BREATHABLE BAND: facilitates breathability and prevents moisture buildup

    • H. 10 INCHES APPROX.
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