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The Ferrara Mattress is perfect for the ones who are interested in getting a good night rest while also being friendly to the environment. The mattress core is made of a memory foam layer fused with a High Density Foam Plate to emphasize comfortability. The mattress padding is created with a renewable raw material that is used as little as possible with natural vegetable oil replacing over 50% of the material. Natural oils contain therapeutic properties. Another material used in the mattress is Bio Cotton Fabric. This fabric is made with organic cotton, and contains no fertilizer or pesticide remnants in order to keep sleepers as free from as many distracting and/or harmful chemicals as possible. This Ferrara Mattress also rewards consumers for their eco-friendliness by supporting their body with a layer of temperature-reactive , undeformable, and adaptable memory foam. There is also a layer beneath of an optimally rigid High density foam. Another main feature of this mattress is the 3D Breathable System which enhances the ventilation of the bed to minimize the accumulation of moisture or mites inside.

Ferrara is an eco-friendly mattress, for all needs of health and well-being.

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    The Memory Foam layer integrated with High Density Foam plate – the mattress core – makes the mattress suitable for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

    The padding is made of Natural Oil Memory Foam, a special kind of Memory which contains renewable raw material. Vegetable oil replaces substantial amounts of raw material (also over 50%) – traditionally used for expanded polyurethane foam production – leaving intact the final product.

    Furthermore, Natural oils are a source of well-being thanks to their therapeutic properties. Bio Cotton Fabric, made of organic cotton, since it contains no molecule resulting from treatments with fertilizers and pesticides, is able to ensure greater breathability.

    So it allows the prevention of skin allergies and the increased migration of liquids through the fibers.


    • 1ST LAYER made of MEMORY FOAM thermo-sensitive, non-deformable, adaptable

    • 2ND made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM optimum rigidity


    • NATURAL OIL MEMORY FOAM source of well-being and relaxation; eco-friendly


    • BIO COTTON FABRIC 100% natural cotton (no fertilizers or pesticides) hypoallergenic and breathable.

    • 3D BREATHABLE SYSTEM the inner space (3D) promotes lateral discharge of air reducing the accumulation of moisture and the proliferation of mites.


    USA H.12 inches approx / EU H. 25 cm ca

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