Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

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    Sets itself apart. The 100% leather IT-9800 Inversion Therapy Massage Chair is a gorgeous reclining massage chair. It has been praised for its luxurious appearance, designed to compliment any decor, and offers an array of stunning colors. It is one of the only true inversion therapy massage chairs on the market today. The inversion therapy provides therapeutic spinal decompression as your lower extremities are raised above the heart, helping your body to recover from the compressive effects of gravity and daily activities. The IT-9800 also boasts the therapeutic benefits of lumbar heat with three settings to accommodate personal preference.

    This powerfully rejuvenating chair delivers a full array of massage techniques including Shiatsu, Swedish, Rolling, Kneading, Tapping, Swing, and Vibration. When combined with the eight unique recline options such as the patented Zero-Gravity and Inversion Therapy positions, the IT-9800 promises an intuitive, comprehensive and full-functioning spa massage experience in the comfort of your own home.

    Infinity™ IT-9800 as the only all leather zero gravity massage chair that was designed to fit into any homes décor.

    The Infinity™ IT-9800 Massage Chair combines all of the features and functionality of a state-of-the-art therapeutic massage chair featuring it's patented Inversion Therapy technology and Zero-Gravity positions, and incorporating Infrared Heat Therapy. This beautiful chair is upholstered in supple 100% genuine leather, in a luxurious timeless design. The Infinity™ IT-9800 Massage Chair was designed to appeal to the most discerning of buyers.

  • Features

    A relaxing retreat from the pressures of everyday living. The Infinity™ IT-9800 massage chair combines cutting-edge technology with ancient therapeutic techniques. Our chair delivers the ultimate in massage therapy, offering a range of massage functions from Shiatsu to Rolling and Swedish, combined with 8 therapeutic recline technologies including the patented Zero-Gravity and Inversion Therapy positions. No other chair includes all of this plus 62 different programs including Infra-red heat technology, calf massage, vibration massage, sole massage, all operated with one-touch technology for easy to use operation.

    A massage chair that knows just what you need, and just where you need it. A custom massage. Utilizing Optical Scanning technology, the chair’s optical scanners will scan your body automatically detecting those nagging aches and pains, known as acupuncture points. It then automatically delivers a custom massage.

    Put gravity to work for you. With the touch of a button, you can experience the patented Zero-Gravity position which elevates the legs and pivots body to help relieve pressure from head to toe. The design relieves the body of pressures experienced in an upright position allowing for total decompression.

    Eight Therapeutic Recline Technologies

    • Zero Gravity
    • Inversion
    • Lumbar Stretch
    • V-Stretch
    • Bed Position
    • Leg Recliner
    • Back Recliner
    • Rocking Motion


    • 100% Genuine Leather
    • Ultra Padded Headrest
    • Optical Scanning Technology Function for Custom Massage
    • Infra-red 3-Level Heat Function
    • Lumbar Decompression Massage Function
    • Vibration Massage Function for Seat & Arms
    • Combination Rocking Motion/Yoga Function
    • Reflexology (Sole Massage) Function
    • Calf Massage Function
    • Therapeutic Functions for CPT Coding (Thermal & Decompression Therapy)
    • One-Touch Technology for Ease of Operation
    • 62 Different Functions in all


    • Shiatsu
    • Swedish
    • Rolling
    • Swing/Seat Vibration
    • Kneading
    • Tapping
    • Combination

    Optical Scanning Technology
    The Automatic Acupuncture Point Locator utilizes a powerful scanning technology that detects accupoints using innovative sensors. This function is customized to each individual using the chair to provide the most professional quality possible.

    Inversion Therapy
    Gravity goes to work by placing your body in line with the comfortable, natural effects of gravity. By using your body weight as a natural means of traction, inversion lengthens the spine, relieves pressure and decompresses your joints.

    Zero Gravity
    Using Zero Gravity, your legs are raised above your heart to mimic the feeling of true weightlessness that astronauts feel in space. This decompresses the body, comforts the joints and relieves pressure on the overall body while boosting comfort and circulation.

    Reflexology (Sole Massaging)
    Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic massage technique that focuses on the concept that all vital body organs correspond to one point on the sole. By stimulating, soothing and massaging the soles, you can experience true well-being.

    Calf Massaging
    By massaging the calf muscles vigorously, you are stimulating the overall blood flow to the heart. This helps promote healing, prevent injuries and experience comfort.

  • Specifications


    • Product Length: 45
    • Product Width: 38
    • Product Height: 46
    • Product Weight (lbs): 170


    • Product Length: 70
    • Product Width: 38
    • Product Height: 34

    Max Weight Capacity: Approx. 350

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