Infinity Escape Massage Chair

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The new Infinity Escape massage chair is the newest L-track massage chair to be released from Infinity massage chairs. The Escape massage chair offers a quality back massage and one of the most comprehensive foot massages with the new heel rubber feature designed to address pain in the heel and to help those who suffer from plantar fascitis. This new massage chair is available in both black and brown and offers a whole host of new massage features. Take a look at the new features below and see if the Escape massage chair is for you.

  • 47" Extended Roller Track - The extended roller track, aka L-Track, is one of the greatest innovations in the massage chair industry. Now, chairs can address a common problematic area for a lot of people...the butt muscles! This chair has a 47" roller track to hit the gluts and piriformis muscles. Fantastic feature!
  • Zero Gravity - Decompress your tired spine by reclining your new Escape into the zero gravity position and feel your back aches melt away. You can finally give your back muscles a break after a long day battling gravity.
  • 38 Airbags - This chair is "covered" with airbags: shoulders, arms, wrists, buttock, waist, calves, and feet get compression and corrective therapy during your massage session.
  • Spinal Correction - Clever use of shoulder and buttock airbags along with the swivel seat allow this chair to uniquely work on the alignment of your torso. You will feel like you are looser and taller when your massage chair session ends.
  • 6 Mechanical Foot Rollers - Yes, you read that right...6 rollers in each foot! Combine those with the 8 airbags in each foot massage mechanism and you have the recipe for a smooth and therapeutic reflexology foot massage. This chair also comes with advanced heel rubber in the foot massage mechanism to help with any heel pain or plantar fasciitis.
  • Heating Element - Relax with the spinal heating element found in your new Escape chair. Combine the heat with the back rollers and you will melt into your chair.
  • Space Saving Feature - Infinity calls this their "Zero Wall" feature, wherein you can place your chair virtually against the wall when the chair is at rest so that less space is taken up by the chair.