Magniflex Nuvola Dual 10" Soft Italian Mattress

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The mattresses of the Nuvola line have been manufactured to feature the innovative Dual Core technology developed by Magniflex so that sleep partners can share their mattress with your partner without having to compromise comfort. Thanks to this technology, the mattress core, which is made of different layers of materials offering different types of comfort, is split in two and each half that can be flipped for a firmer comfort.
The mattress is breathable and provides differentiated support to the body to allow air circulation for optimal dissipation of moisture and heat. 

The coolest sleep of your life
The soft and comfortable cover is made with Thermic® fabric and soft natural Viscose, giving you a pleasant feeling of coolness to the touch and improving the quality of your sleep. Aquabreeze, a foam with a special and exclusive open-cell construction, allows for easy air circulation and an optimal dispersion of body heat.
The strength of technology
The breathable structure and differentiated support zones present in the mattress core allow for increased air flow and coolness. The mattress also features the Dual Core technology, so both partners can choose the comfort that is right for each of them.

  • Features

    With the Nuvola Dual 10 you will experience an incredible sensation of coolness and comfort, a pleasure that satisfies the body and relaxes the mind. Its innovative materials create the perfect support for your body in 10” of height.

    In the heart of the mattress

    A. Cover
    The Thermic® fabric is extremely cool and comfortable to the touch, providing instant relief to the body during a hot day, while the natural cover makes it even softer to the touch. The mattress lining cover can be completely removed and easily washable dry-cleaned.

    B. Padding
    The padding in Memosoft and super soft fiber provides extra comfort all night long.

    C. Comfort level
    The Dual Core technology allows sleep partners to personalize the comfort on their own side of the bed by simply flip the inner foam cores. The "Soft" side provides a soft and cozy comfort, thanks to the layer in Aquabreeze (2"), a flexible and breathable material; while the "Medium Soft" side provides a firmer support, thanks to the layer in Elioform.
    The mattress’ breathability and the differentiated type support zones ensure increased dissipation of body moisture, for a good night’s sleep.

    D. Base layer
    The layer in Elioform, with airyform technology and differentiated support zones (6"), provides a firmer support to the spine.


  • Specifications

    COLLECTION: Nuvola
    MATERIALS: Super Soft Fiber, Memosoft, Magnifoam Elioform, Aquabreeze
    COVER: Thermic®, Natural Viscose
    BENEFITS: Cool, Cozy, Temperature-regulating, Extra comfort, Breathable
    COMFORT LEVEL: Soft / Medium Soft
    HEIGHT: 10"
    SUPPORT: Soft
    WARRANTY: 20 years
    EXTRA: Multi-zone, with airyform technology and differentiated support zones, Dual Core technology

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