Massage Service



For a limited time we are offering 30 minute massages for only $5

And we are matching the full body massage sessions you purchase up to 2 hours for first time customers only

Standard Pricing

30 Minute Full Body Massage $15

1 Hour Full Body Massage $25


Massage Benefits

  • Increases concentration and focus

Productivity drops when you are overworking and stressed out. Get back to work in top condition with a refreshing massage. A good massage can help clear the mind and reduce physical exhaustion. 

  • Helps Your Muscles Heal Quicker

Allow your muscles to relax and regain their vitality quicker with a deep invigorating massage. Massaging the affected areas can also relieve muscle soreness due to working out.

  • Straighten Posture and Reduce Back pain

Many of us sit for too long in our daily lives and this can lead to back strain and bad posture. Constant massage relieves muscle tightness in the neck, back, and shoulder promote better posture by reducing the strain on your spine.

  • Improve Your Physical Performance

Mind and body are connected. Increase your mental focus and physically perform better. Improve blood flow,metabolism, and reduce stress on your body and mind by giving yourself a massage.


  • Sleep Better

Falling asleep is hard if you are stressed out. A gentle massage can lead to peace of mind and allow your body to relax so you can rest at ease.