Bodyfriend Pharaoh

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The Pharaoh massage chair uses unmatched craftsmanship and innovative technology to bring comfort to all its users.

  • Features
    • Zero G: The Zero G functions reclines into a position where gravitational pressure is evenly distributed for a weightless, floating feeling
    • Zero Wall: Zero wall slides forward when reclining to maximize space usage
    • Heating: Experience warmth and comfort with back and buttocks heating
    • 13 customized massage modes: Pharaoh Massage Chair offers 13 distinct massage modes designed to address specific issues and areas
    • Auto Leg Adjust: Pharaoh uses Smart Sensors to automatically adjust leg length to help create a more comfortable experience
    • Shoulder Airbag Massage: contains a six airbag compression massage that targets muscle soreness and bodily fatigue
    • Ergonomic Hand Massage: Magnetic airpads compress to thoroughly massage the hands and targe crucial acupoints that relieve stress and soreness
    • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect your mobile device and listen to your favorite music to personalize your massage
    • S & L Frame: An L frame with an S curve to match the curvature of the spine
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