Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain

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Rex-L Brain

The Rex-L Brain has a sports car design and is the world’s first massage chair to come programmed with brain massages. This patented technology can relax and focus your mind while your body is refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Features

    • Brain Massage The Rex-L Brain  releases binaural beats that synchronize to the brain’s frequencies that can be hard through each ear
    • S&L Frame The L frame contains the waist to the lower thighs and the S frame follows the natural delicate contours of the upper body
    • Quilted Interior Sheets
    • Embedded Touch Control
    • Body scanning  Smart Sensors accurately locate and adjust to the user’s height
    • Leg Extend The leg rest extends up to 8 inches depending on the user’s height. Just apply a slight pressure to extend!
    • Massage Ball System Consists of Kneading, Chopping, Acupressure, tapping, and a combination of Kneading and Tapping motions
    • Full Body Air Massage The Rex-L + has airbags for the head, shoulder, arms, hands, waist, hips, glutes, calves, and feet to thoroughly massage and relax your body
    • Heating With temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, enjoy warmth and comfort for your back and glutes
    • Zero Wall The Rex-L Plus only requires 6 inches of space away from the wall to fully recline by sliding forward 12 inches before reclining\
    • 14 Auto Massage Modes Get right to relaxation with 14 pre-programmed massage modes

    The Brain massage has 2 modes

    • Brain Concentration Mode This massage mode focuses on the upper body to work with the full body massage to enhance concentration and cognitive abilities
    • Brain Meditation Mode This mode uses healing binaural music that targets your major blood arteries to relieve stress and calm your mind
    • Zero Gravity This positions the body at an optimal angle where your weight is evenly distributed throughout the body for an enhanced experience
    • Bluetooth Speakers Connect a mobile device to personalize your experience
    • USB port Charge a mobile device while recharging your body
    • Zipper Upholstery Replace used interior sheets with an easy to use zipper upholstery
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