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Dolce Sogno Cesena Italian Mattress

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The Cesena mattress was built in Italy to ensure high quality and low environmental impact. It uses highly adapting graphite infused memory foam and a carbon fiber cover that shields against radiation and electromagnetic fields. The technology of the carbon fiber fights against bacteria and microbes which can cause bad smelling odors.

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    1st Layer Made Of Memory Foam thermo-sensitive | 2nd Layer Made Of High Density Foam Optimum Rigidity | Padding: Graphite Infused Memory Foam, Comfort And Thermo-regulation

    Memory Foam, thermo-sensitive and adaptable to the body, improves the support to the backbone given by the High Density Foam plate. The padding, is made of Graphite Infused Memory Foam, that combines the special properties of Memory, with those of the mineral, graphite. The first one, being thermo-sensitive and adaptable, maintains the natural posture and gives relaxing sensation; the second one, retains and gives off  heat for optimal temperature control.

    The special fiber of the cover, X-System Carbon fiber, is very innovative. It is highly practical and comfortable; it acts as a shield against electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic charges; it is antistatic, because it allows the dispersion of these charges to not be harmful. Finally, it is antibacterial, anti-odor and has an antimicrobial effect.

    • 1ST LAYER made of MEMORY FOAM thermo-sensitive, non-deformable, adaptable
    • 2ND made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM optimum rigidity
    • PADDING: GRAPHITE INFUSED MEMORY FOAM, comfort and thermoregulation

    • COVER: X-SYSTEM CARBON, practical, comfortable, no electromagnetic smog, antistatic, hygienic

    • BREATHABLE BAND: facilitates breathability and prevents moisture buildup



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