Magniflex Abbraccio 12" Soft Italian Mattress

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A cool embrace
Each Abbraccio mattress contains our exclusive Aquabreeze, a special water-based foam with an open cell structure that facilitates air circulation for added heat dispersion throughout the mattress. Their support layer is made of Elioform, whereas their cover in natural viscose is quilted with Super Soft and Memosoft fiber, offering an even more enveloping comfort. 

  • Features

    Abbraccio 12 of the Abbraccio collection, consists of a layer in Elioform and one in Aquabreeze and is designed to provide the right support to different parts of the body and a high degree of breathability. The padding in Memosoft combined with the Super Soft fiber ensures a soft and cozy comfort. All in 12” of height.

    In the heart of the mattress

    A. Cover
    The refined cover in natural Viscose is soft and breathable, makes the mattress soft and silky to the touch and is more effective at dissipating excess moisture.

    B. Padding
    The padding in Memosoft and Super Soft fiber provides extra comfort all night long.

    C. Comfort level
    The layer in Aquabreeze (5"), a flexible and incredibly comfortable material, thanks to its open-cell structure and remarkable elasticity, favours breathability and provides a soft, cozy and cool comfort all through the night.

    D. Base layer
    The layer in Elioform (5") features a high-density foam structure, which provides a firmer support to the spine.


  • Specifications

    COLLECTION: Abbraccio
    MATERIALS: Super Soft Fiber, Memosoft, Magnifoam Elioform, Aquabreeze
    COVER: Natural Viscose
    BENEFITS: Cool, Cozy, Extra comfort
    COMFORT LEVEL: Super Soft
    HEIGHT: 12"
    SUPPORT: Soft
    WARRANTY: 20 years
    EXTRA: Top of the series

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